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Specializing in German Black Forest Cuckoo and Pendulette Clocks!
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It’s a pleasure to use my gentle touch on Cuckoo Clocks to bring them back to life and pass them on to new owners, or to work on your clock, so that you may again enjoy it. Though I’m not a "clockmaker" by profession, my skills are such that I can generally determine what is wrong with the cuckoo clock, and nurse it back to life.

Your Black Forest Cuckoo or pendulette clock is a "work of art" that can last for generations when cared for properly, and may well be a cherished keep-sake. A light dusting is important, but be very careful of the delicate parts. It is also important to have the clock cleaned and oiled every few years, as running it dry will shorten its life, and may lead to major repairs.

Clocks are cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted to the keep correct time. However, when you receive it you may have to adjust the pendulum a little to get it just right.

Cuckoo Clocks are very sensitive, and you have to be patient while learning how to get them positioned just right on the wall. We provide instructions with the clock on how to hang and adjust the clock correctly, and of course are available to answer your questions along the way. We want you to enjoy your Cuckoo Clock for years to come!!

By nature, Cuckoo Clocks tend to drift with changes in temperature and humidity. That is just the way they are, but easily dealt with by adjusting the pendulum a tiny bit as needed. They can also be very sensitive to how and where they are positioned on the wall, and within the room.

If you have a clock you would like us to look at, just call or email us and we will see what we can do for you. We will always do our best to answer questions and concerns you may have with your clock to be sure it has a cherished life in your home!
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